This is a simple sensor for detecting water. This is a project that i made for someone at work, that needed a water-sensor for detecting leaks from washing machines.

This is a portable battery powered device that is easily put on the floor in front of the machine in the usual path of running water (The floor has a slight tilt).

The sensor itself is made up of two paralell wires and a 1 Mohm resistor, so when water comes between the two unisolated wires, the Arduino is ablo to read a value and detect the water. I can then make the arduino send out a tone/alarm trough a speaker.
I also made it so that when no water is detected an LED is Green to show “Power on” status and ready for use, and when it detects water it turns red. I used an RGB-LED for this.

All the 3D printable files is added below in addition to the arduino code.
Download here

Author: Christian Arnø

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