This troubleshooting tool was made to aid me in testing TVs that have the symptom “periodic dead”, as in sometimes the TV does not work at all. As you might have guessed i fix TVs for a living, and fixing problems that only appear periodically is the most challenging part of the job.

How it works:
The box contains an Arduino UNO and connected to that i have the LCD display, light sensor and a speaker. The light sensor is mounted to the screen and sense wether the tv is on or off. The arduino displays the sensor output on the LCD. The LCD also displays “grense” which is norwegian for “limit”. The limit potentiometer is the top potentiometer and lets you “calibrate” the tool so that when the light sensor reading drops below the limit the speaker is activated and alerts you that the TV has shut down. The LCD also has a timer for reference. This is useful as sometimes several TVs are on test and most of them are not in my field of view.

Download files to make this here:
Download here

Author: Christian Arnø

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