I got this challange from someone that is fixing up their old Volkswagen. The covers for the semaphores where horribly deformed from the heat from the bulb, so i was tasked to see if i could make new ones with a 3D printer.

I decided to use the Form 1+ since i already had the clear resin in the machine. I figured that the clear resin would be great since the cover needs to light up.

The first step was to design the part. I use 3Ds MAX for this.

2016-04-17 00.08.34
I then printed a test to see if all meassurements where correct.

2016-04-17 02.48.24
Lucky for me the part was perfect on the first try (that almost never happen). That is a great testament to Formlabs printers… What you design, it prints with great accuracy 😉

2016-04-17 21.40.10
After cleaning off the supports and sanding the part, i installed the new cover in the semaphore to check the fit. I had to sand of the end a little since it was a really tight fit and i wanted it to be easier to install after i had spray-painted it.

2016-04-20 08.01.18
Here is the result after spray-paining the part and installing it in the semaphore. Great success (i said with a Borat voice in my head…:) )
I had ONE can of orange in my shop, and luckily it was damn near perfect to the original color.

2016-04-23 20.09.02
End result of both semaphores with new covers.

Download the STL for the cover here.


Author: Christian Arnø

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