Post processor for Fusion 360 and CNC USB Controller

I have had some trouble finding a suitable post processor for fusion 360 that works with CNC USB Controller.
After some time i realized that i couldn’t find one and tried to remedy this problem for myself.

After a lot off trial and error i managed to modify a reprap post processor into working. I have only tried it for a couple of jobs, but it seems to be working flawlessly.

Since i know how hard it is to find a working processor for Fusion 360 and CNC USb Controller, i wanted to share the modified file here. Enjoy 🙂

Right click and choose “Save As”
(The file extention is jpg for wordpress to allow upload, but just change it to cps and it should work)

Author: Christian Arnø

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  1. For what kind of cnc-machine is this post? CNC milling/router? Thumbs up for your website!

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  2. Thanks for sharing your efforts. As a complete beginner I am super grateful for any contribution that help me get started with my setup.

    Unluckily, I get the following error when I try to generate the gcode of the CAM Samples > Tutorial 1 Complete:

    Error: Unsupported speed-feed synchronization activation command.
    Error: Failed to execute configuration.
    Stop time: Wednesday, September 20, 2017 6:30:50 AM
    Post processing failed.

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    • I really dont know why you experience this problem. Try changing one thing at a time in settings and see if you can pinpoint the problem….

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  3. You are the Boss !

    Many thank for your work. I can use Fusion with my Shapeoko 🙂 (MK3)

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