A couple of weeks ago i saw this project by Zak Kemble here:http://blog.zakkemble.co.uk/diy-digital-wristwatch/. I emediately wanted to build one myself using off-the-shelf parts.

Microcontroller: Arduino Mini Pro from Sparkfun
Real Time Clock: DS1307 from Robonor
OLED display: Monochrome 1.3″ 128×64, SSD1306 from Adafruit
Battery: Lithium Ion Polymer Battery – 3.7v 150mAh from Adafruit
Charger: Adafruit Micro Lipo – USB LiIon/LiPoly charger

The Zak Kemble project is open source so the code and files are available for download. I didnt want to use this files as i am trying to learn something with this project. Thats why i started from scratch.

This is a project in progress and will be updated whenever i make progress.

Author: Christian Arnø

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