Today Tiffany Diorio closed down the makerbot support group at google. She wrote a post explaining why and then closed the forum so nobody could call her out on the bullshit she was serving.

She goes on blaming spam on the forum as one of the reasons for shutting it down, but everyone on that forum knows the real reason.

Ever since the new Gen 5 machines was released to the public it has been a sad read in the forum about defective extruders, faulty firmware, machines that print slower than previous models, bad print quality, slow support.. and the list goes on and on.

I was set on getting the new Z18 from Makerbot, but after reading negative, but true feedback from unhappy customers on the forum i decided to cancel my order. I also made this clear in the forum. I decided to go with an Ultimaker 2 and a Form 1+ instead.

So many solutions to peoples problems was solved by reaching out to fellow hackers/tinkerers on the forum, and now makerbot is “improving” their support by creating a knowledge base instead of this forum that they had since 2009.
Like Makerbot is going to give us tips about fixing a closed source product…. I dont think so..

So many 5th Gen owners experienced the same problems with error codes that got figured out on that forum. One of them was Error code 13. Someone on the forum figured out that there was a loose connector in the machine and even made a video on youtube explaining how to fix it.
Makerbots response to this was requesting that the video was taken down. Why on earth would they do that if they really cared about helping their customers???

Makerbot has taken a real ugly turn after the Stratasys merger. Makerbot was once my favourite company in the world with great products, great support and community… Not so much any more..

Author: Christian Arnø

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