I needed a better place to take pictures of stuff that i make, so that the quality is improved. And what better way to do this than to build a light/diffuser-box.

For the light source i used two low-energy lamps, 28Watts and 230 volts:



For the frame i used 6mm Baltic birch-plywood with great quality that i got from Ebay from the seller cherokeewoodproducts. I can highly recommend purchasing from this seller as the quality is excelent:

diffuser 2

diffuser 1

Here are the result:


Download DXF files here.

Author: Christian Arnø

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  1. These are great results. We have just bought a similar 100W X700 in Grimstad, and were just getting started setting it up. I was wondering if you have any experience with different settings like speed and effect for different materials that you might want to share?

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    • I have not written down all of the settings i use, i mostly do a quick test cut to figure out what is the best settings.
      However i can give you a few examples:
      1. When i engrave on glass i usually use a speed of 200 and power 45
      2. When cutting 6mm baltic birch plywood i use speed of 7 and power 80
      NB! I NEVER go above 80W (26mA)

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