You start with a couple of “blank” marble tiles. I chose white ones:
KillBill 1

Then spraypaint them both black:
KillBill 2

I designed the silouette in 3Ds Max and exported it as a DXF file. I used the file on a vinyl-cutter.
Download DXF file here
You could probably create the silouette using an x-acto knife if you dont have access to a vinyl-cutter.

Then you carefully apply the vinyl to the marble tiles:
KillBill 3

Now all you have to do is spraypaint yellow over the vinyl, and then add a touch of orange on the right side of the tiles.
Then you can remove the vinyl and add the “blood”. I used a small paintbrush the flick paint on to the tile to get the sprayed blood effect, but that turned out to be harder than i thought. If i where to do this again i would practise more spraying with a brush to get the best results.

Finished result:
KillBill 4

PS! While typing this and looking at the last photo, i see there is adhesive residue from the vinyl, so i would suggest heating the vinyl up before removing it from the tile.

Author: Christian Arnø

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