Error: Tool orientation is not supported.

Error: Tool orientation is not supported.
Error: Failed to invoke function ‘onSection’.
Error: Failed to invoke ‘onSection’ in the post configuration.
Error: Failed to execute configuration.
Stop time: Sunday, July 23, 2017 12:47:10 PM
Post processing failed.

I have to admit that this problem almost made me abandon Fusion 360. I felt like i had tried everything, but nothing worked.
Now that i have found a VERY simple solution i feel really stupid.

The solution has to do with what plane you place your model on, and now that i now this its so glaringly obvious.
See the following image:

To avoid this error i always put the model on the X-Y plane. Logically it makes perfect sense, but when the grid is sideways it just looks wrong. Before i would choose the z-x plane and i thought i could just assign a new coordinate system, but this didn`t work.

So in the beginning of every sketch i now select the plane that is highlighted in the image.

Author: Christian Arnø

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