This has been the ultimate project for me, and is now finally functional after 8 months of blood, sweat and ABS.
It is also made on my 3d printed makerbot.

The printer can easily get taller by adding more z-elements and replacing z lead-screws and wobble arrester bars. I would then end up with almost 800mm build hight.

It wouldn’t surprise me if this is the largest printed multi-piece object, as it is built from 15+ lbs of ABS plastic.

Footprint: 800×560
Build envelope: 500x300x200+
Platform: Heated with 800W, custom ordered, silicone wire wound element.
– Kapton sheet, custom ordered to fit platform (500×300)
Motors: NEMA 23
Extruder: MakerBot Stepstruder ® MK6 Plus
Electronics: MakerBot ® Generation 4
Interface: PC/Mac or MakerBot ® Gen 4 Interface Board Kit v1.1
Motion: all axis uses linear bearings for smooth motion.

Build duration: 8 months
Plastic used: 15+ lbs
Price: 3000$ (approx.)

Unfortunaly the CAD-files turned out to be corrupted when i checked the file before trying to upload it. On the other hand, the printer is slow and expensive so who would recreate this anyway:)



Author: Christian Arnø

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