About us

We are 5 colleagues that started this hackerspace to work on projects and have fun sharing common interests.

This is our hackerspace:

Here is the electronics corner where we have test equipment like oscilloscope, signal-generator, bench powersupply,
soldering station and a Mantis stereoscopic microscope.

Nice comfortable workstation. Dont know what happened to the lighting, but the picture below shows better how the
lighting condition is.

I am sure glad i made an enclosure for the CNC machine, otherwise all that sawdust would be spread throughout the
room. Here is also a soldering station.

Here we got 3 soldering stations.

Whiteboard for planning and assortment containers for all kinds of components and usable parts.

The 3D printer is the most used tool, and is constantly running.

A nice lathe for turning and sanding round objects. It is made for metal, but i find myself most often using it for printed