The goal of this project is to convert my 3 axis cnc into a 4 axis cnc, where the forth axis is a rotary one aligned with the x-axis. This project is currently in a planning stage, but any progress will be shown on this page.

The parts needed to make the conversion has been ordered from the Probotix website:

1 x 280 OzIn 8-Wire Stepper Motor HT23-280-8 $53.95
1 x IDC Cable IDC-10-4 $2.99
10 x 5-Conductor 22Ga Shielded Motor Wire WIRE-5-22 $14.90
1 x 3-Pack 2.5Amp Fuses FUSE-2.5-3Pa $0.99
1 x ProboStep Stepper Motor Driver ProboStep $42.95

This project went pretty much as planned. Only problem is that the 3D printed parts are not within a tolerance that makes great results. What i needed to do was to mill a couple of mm off the stock to make it 100% centered.

I used Mescam to create the gcode and CNC USB Controller to run the machine. The CNC USB Controller can control up to 9 axis, so 4 wasn’t a problem at all.

Since the stock is basically connected directly to the stepper motor without any stepup conversion, the a axis (rotational axis) moves very slowly as you can see in the first video. In the second video i manually changed the gcode by using notepad to make the axis move faster.

I milled a shallow trace in the ground plate for easy change of stock length.

The 3D printed mounting system is screwed to the ground plate when milling but also easy to adjust via the shallow trace along the x axis, and by turning the adjustment bolt on the idler part of the mounting system (y axis).

I have currently not done a lot of testing, but the goal is to make some chess pieces to test it thoroughly. More images will come and perhaps a video when i have the time to test it some more.

Download files to make this here:
Download here

Author: Christian Arnø

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